Heinrich Audebert, Germany

Prof Heinrich Audebert is neurologist with a research focus on clinical stroke health care. He is head of the Dept. of Neurology at Charité Campus Benjamin Franklin in Berlin/Germany. He initiated and coordinated the Bavarian TeleStroke network TEMPiS. Several scientific evaluation of the network have investigated the effects of the implementation of Telestroke Untis on quality of stroke management in community hospitals, safety and frequency of  telemedicine guided application of i.v. thrombolysis and overall outcome of stroke patients.  During a two year consultant post in London, he established a mobile Telestroke network in St Thomas’ hospital which has become a model of TeleStroke in the United Kingdom. After his move to Berlin in 2008, Prof. Audebert has initiated in coordinated several major projects in pre-hospital and inpatient stroke care as well as in secondary prevention and telemedicine. Prof Audebert’s main research focus is improvement of different stages of stroke management by utilization of innovative concepts including telemedicine.