BrainHIT2019 Startup Innovation Fair

is pleased to announce the BrainHIT Start Up Innovation Fair which will provide an extensive platform for startup companies to present their latest technologies in the field of Brain Technologies and Innovations.

Startup companies from across the globe addressing brain health are invited to submit an abstract for oral presentation during the BrainHIT Start Up Innovation Fair session. The abstract should demonstrate an innovation within the field. All submissions will be reviewed accordingly by a committee.

Successful submissions will be given the opportunity to present their work in this dedicated session in the program. Participation will provide high visibility and the opportunity for valuable direct feedback from professionals, clinicians, peers and industry leaders.

Only accepted proposals of fully registered and paid presenters will be included in the final program.

Please follow the guidelines below when writing and submitting your abstract. 
The abstract should be as informative as possible, standard abbreviations may be used. 
Before you begin, please prepare the following information:
  • Author’s contact details (email, phone number, postal address)
  • Author's and co-Authors’ details (Full first and family name(s), email)
  • Affiliation details: institution / company/ University, city, state (if relevant), country
Abstract Title: 
The title is limited to 20 words.
Each word should begin with a capital letter with the exception of transition words.

Abstract Length: 
The Abstract body should be no longer than 300 words in total.

Abstract Structure: 
Please structure your abstract using the following headings: 
  • Background 
  • Objective 
  • Method
  • Results (if relevant) 
  • Conclusion
Please download the application form below and send your completed submission to:

Only fully completed application forms submitted by 1 April, 2019, will be accepted for review.
Only the accepted applications of fully registered participants will be eligible for presentation.

Important dates:
Submission Deadline: 1 April, 2019